Monday, December 21, 2009

It's the little steps that get you there!

This morning I was lying in bed, before everyone was awake, thinking about the changes that I'm really wanting to make for this new year.

My biggest goal, is to become a healthier, more fit version of the person I am today. I know I need to lose weight, but it's not an enormous amount. I'm looking for health, not a certain waist size, and I know that my goal is attainable.

But why on earth would I want to finally start this right before the Christmas season? When people show up at your home non-stop delivering things like chocolate covered carbohydrates? do they not know that THIS is the year I'm going to get my stuff together?!?!

Of course they don't, but I do!

So in the spirit of making life changes and keepin' it real, I'm going to begin my new year a couple of weeks early! Today will be my first (albeit small) change and first step at becoming the woman I want to be!

DAY 1: I will drink more water.

I know, I know...way to shoot for the sky there Eliz! It seems silly, but for's something that I really struggle with. Keeping myself hydrated is not something that I take time to do on a daily basis. It should be a simple basic thing, but I guess that goes to show you just how slack I've become at taking care of myself. I'm really needing to start at the basics here!

So, I will begin to make drinking 8 glasses or 64oz of fluid a day my priority. My hope is that by doing this I will be cutting out beverages that have more sugar and calories than I need in a day as well as keeping myself hydrated. I'm convinced that part of why I over eat is because I am mistaking thirst for hunger. I guess we can call this an experiment...I'll keep you posted on how this changes my appetite, if at all.

This is my first (albeit small) step at getting myself back! So what is yours?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let me introduce myself....

I've started this post...the very first post of my brand spanking new blog at least four times now. Obviously I'm not very good at this! LOL

As I've sat here tonight typing out over and over all the blessings and wonderful things I have in my life, such as my husband and my children, I realized that this is the very reason why I have started this blog....

For many years now, I've thought that being a wife and mother has been what defines me; and nothing else. Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not sad about that. I'm very proud of my children and my husband. They are wonderful people and I enjoy being a part of their lives very much....

But this blog is for ME!

A couple of weeks ago I read a thread on a homeschooling forum that I belong to. It was all about "letting yourself go". When I first saw the title I avoided it like the plague. I knew that I was guilty of that very thing. A few days later I highlighted the title and clicked enter, dreading what I was about to read.

Surprisingly, as I read the thread I realized; a). I'm not the only woman who has let herself go and b). I've not only let myself go, but I've lost myself!

How many women have done that?! I'm sure the answer is many! Just the day to day basics of being a stay at home/ homeschooling mom makes it so easy to for us to lose ourselves. There is always someone who needs something or something to do, clean, call, check on, fix....the list goes on!

Now please don't misunderstand I don't regret this life at all. I don't play the "what if" game (too often) and I enjoy the roles I play here in my home. But isn't it OK to have more? To know clearly what interests me? To know, with confidence, when I leave the house, that I look the best I can? It can't be that hard to have it all, right?!

These are the questions I plan to answer with this blog.

This blog is about me taking care of myself; being accountable for making sure that I am healthy, replenished and finding the small, simple things in life that make me who I am!

I hope you stick around and share in this journey with me! I will be sharing many parts of my life with you. Things that interesting me, from food to shopping deals, sewing and learning to quilt! You'll find that I'm pretty all over the map with what interests me. A good friend of mine always says I'm one part prairie muffin, one part diva...I think she may be right! LOL