Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Today was a good day"

That's was the first thing I heard when I went to pick my daughter up at preschool.

Her ed tech said her first day back was smooth sailing and she jumped right back into the schedule. I couldn't have asked for more than that!

When she got home, my daughter told me about her day (in her very special way of course). She signed to me that she colored, played kitchen and washed her hands. Being someone with germaphobia, that last bit of news was my favorite of course! ;)

Today was also a good day for me! I finally took the time to work on decluttering my homeschool room. It really wasn't that bad. Ok, I'm lying, the closet was bad. Really bad.....as in, things fell out at me and I'm pretty sure there was a little baby Ewok (is that how you spell that?) that came running out at me and told me to leave his nest alone.

But after a few hours, I prevailed and here are the pictures to prove it:


  1. wow, what a nice room! I have a hard time believing anything in your house is cluttered...

  2. LOL! It can get that way...trust me. ;)

  3. WOW good job! I totally cracked up at the EWOK thing!

  4. So it's Ewoks that make nests in closets, huh? Darn, I must have a colony...
    It looks great girl!
    And I'm so happy that Lil' Miss got right back into school like that! YAY!