Saturday, March 5, 2011

Christmas in.....March????

This afternoon my wonderful husband came in from the pouring rain with a package.  As the person who usually does all the online shopping around here I wondered what on earth it could be as I hadn't ordered anything (or at least remembered ordering anything).

When I opened the package I found that my amazing, sweet and ever so thoughtful husband had secretly ordered me this.....

I was so thrilled!!!!!  You see, this past Christmas was such a hard one for us.  Our family was separated as my daughter was in the hospital dealing with a difficult set back from her cancer treatments.  My husband was there with her and I was home with my two boys...we were all sick, which of course meant we couldn't go and see my daughter.  In my low state, I decided to break out my older than dirt VHS copy of my all time favorite Christmas movie.  All was well and good until Bing offered Ms. Clooney some butter milk for her insomnia and then, to my utter horror, my tape got stuck and was eaten by what is probably the oldest VCR known to man. 

As you can imagine I was heart broken!  Not only was I separated from my husband and daughter for Christmas, but now I couldn't even bask in the comfort of Danny Kay singing "Snow" or his hilarious rendition of "Sisters" anytime I wanted.

I casually mentioned it on the phone the next day with my husband during one of our phone calls that we so lovingly referred to as "debriefings" where I would get all of my information on my daughters health and he would guide me through the important things to keep our house standing like, cleaning out the pellet stove and what time the garbage man comes in the morning.

But because he is so thoughtful, nearly three months later, he remembered my Christmas movie crisis and while browsing the Internet, (thanks again Al Gore) ordered me, not just a copy, but a Collector's Edition copy, complete with never before seen footage, cast interviews and even a documentary with Irving Berlin! 

Yup my man kind of rocks. 

So today, on March 5, I sat in my cozy chair in my basement, by our warm pellet stove, and watched my favorite Christmas movie....because I could. 

All is right with the world.


  1. That's awesome, Eliz. Don't you find those little things make it so much easier to keep going?

  2. How very thoughtful!! Way to go Mr. ElastaMan!!!