Thursday, March 10, 2011

I hereby promise....

That I will start crafting!! 

After posting yesterday I realized just how much I miss sitting and creating something.  I know that I have a creative spirit in me...and it's time to get back in touch with it! 

So, I will be crafting my heart out this weekend and posting my results on Monday!  Stay tuned!!!!!


  1. I made my youngest pajama pants today. It was so fun making something together!

  2. What kind of crafting? If you sew/knit/crochet, there is a natural animal fiber (sheep, goat, lamma, alpaca, bunny - etc.) contest on the Windsor Fair grounds in early June. The girls and I are all entering. The entry fee is only $2 per item. The girls are loom knitting - Gretch is making a woolen dolls' ensemble and Abs is making a lovely wool purse. I haven't done any handiwork in ages, but I'm going to crochet a wool pillow and do some embroidery on the front.

    You can also sew clothes or household decor from animal fiber fabrics. If you're interested I can give you the link with all the info...